The Cashback Shopping Network has just come to the Americas, including Brasil, US, Canada, Mexico after a 9 year successful opening (3 billion in revenue last year) in Europe.  Hong Kong just opened this week as the Gateway to Asia for Lyoness. Australia is also launching the first week of April.

Join US today to begin your cashback living and global business experience!

Click HERE for a business & accounting/payment (compensation plan found at page 10 of pdf) informative brochure in pdf form. Contact me via the form to the right, or give me a call or skype to get the username & password for the teamsite to access PDF.

To get registered with Lyoness & begin earning cashback and the majority of your shopping, fill in the form to the right, contact me on skype: bodymindconnect or, give me a call! 310-460-9680

Yours in Residual Income & Cashback Living,

Carrie Gebbie, MS


skype: bodymindconnect

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