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What is Empower Network & Do I need it vs. GVO

Empower Network has caught a lot of buzz right now. It’s a blogging platform, like blogger, typepad, wordpress etc, that has some automated search engine functionality to it to help you be a ‘better blogger’ or, empowered blogger/empowered internetpreneur. I’ve been using GVO’s marketing suite for blogging with online success for quite awhile now.

Guess what. You still need your own domain name (which they recommend FORWARDING to Empower Network, I say not); and if you’re going to ‘do it right’ and surpass everyone who’s learning all the ‘tricks of the trade’ that you are; you’re best off doing your own hosting too. The hosting company I use is called GVO. GVO has a new program which gives you 4 FREE domain names, or url’s; capture page, autoresponder, video conferencing, training which compliments Empower Network; for $9.97/month. This is unheard of; and you can refer others to earn yours totally free or even build another stream of residual income from GVO.

So I say yes… you can take your training from Empower Network & then go to ‘the next level’ with GVO. So essentially, you need both.

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Carrie Gebbie, MS


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Carrie Gebbie, MS

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